Keith Minier And Travis Smith to Speak at CELS Youth

Keith Minier, lead pastor at Grace Fellowship in Pickerington, Ohio, will speak via SKPYE during the CE Leadership Summit for Youth Workers. Keith will talk about why he believes the youth ministry of today needs to be tied to small groups, Sunday morning services, and teaching youth to serve. Travis Smith, youth pastor at Pickerington, willContinue reading →

You Can Bless People at Urban Hope This Thanksgiving

Because our hope rests in the transforming power of Christ, join us this holiday season and see God continue to move at Urban Hope! In the community around Urban Hope people live who do not have the means to enjoy a Thanksgiving meal. While the greatest need is spiritual, we also believe that Jesus caresContinue reading →

Let’s Fill in the Moats Around our Church Buildings!

They often grow wider over time and we get more separated from the people and needs right around our location. We have church fellowship schedules that fill our weeks which become months and then years. Let’s build bridges to our neighbors and to local needs, honoring missions that are local as well as global. OurContinue reading →

New Video Featuring Operation Barnabas

We are pleased to introduce a brand new video that features the Operation Barnabas ministry. Operation Barnabas has been used by God to encourage young people to develop ministry skills and further learn to serve like Jesus for 41 years. While it certainly is not the only means by which high school students may gainContinue reading →

Momentum’s Got Talent Returns to Momentum 2015

CE National is excited to offer Momentum’s Got Talent (MGT) again this year at Momentum Youth Conference. Students are encouraged to practice their skills such as vocal solos, teen challenges, creative writing, musical instruments, piano solos, and much more. Even art pieces can be brought to Momentum and entered. Students enter MGT by creating andContinue reading →

Gain a Realistic View of Your Ministry

Failure to see an accurate picture of your ministry results in low impact and ultimate frustration. Ed Short’s consultation process will enable you to gain a realistic view of how effectively your ministry is functioning. You will then be led through a process that will help you discern what God desires to do in yourContinue reading →

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