Navigating Conflict in the Church

It’s a fact of life that wherever two or three are gathered together, there will be conflict. Here are some general principles about conflict that have worked well in the congregations I’ve served. Read more…

Utilizing Personality Tests in Leadership Development

While there are a host of so-called “tests” which are floating through the internet today, claiming to be able to tell the user about his or her personality–amidst the flood of “just for fun” assessments, there are also a few helpful sites which can aid you in helping your students and or leadership team understandContinue reading →

Watch the Rick Cartagena Story–Urban Hope

Rick Cartagena’s story of how God changed his life is a powerful testimony of what faith in Jesus can do. Rick is now involved with a wonderful prison. He and his wife, Brenda, are part of an extension of the Urban Hope Training Center ministry. Rick is an excellent speaker with an incredible testimony andContinue reading →

Youth Group in a Box – New From ON MISSION Insights

The goal of ON MISSION Insights is to make ministry simple. Because of this we’ve designed everything you need to create an engaging, high-level youth group lesson direct from Momentum Youth Conference’s nationally recognized speakers. By taking well-known speakers such as Greg Stier, Francis Chan, Sean McDowell, and more and digging into the heart ofContinue reading →

And Who Will Take Care of My Godly Example?

In this issue of Pastorpedia, Knute Larson, Jeff Bogue, and Jim Brown talk about how a pastor should set a godly example. Read, watch, or download this issue here. This one is about the guy who stands up front and tells people how to live. This one is about the “hardworking farmer” who should eat theContinue reading →

Individual or Couple Needed at Urban Hope

Urban Hope is looking for an individual or couple for 9 months or longer who can help with Training Center leadership. Urban Hope is growing and needs help training leaders. Housing could be provided in one of the Urban Hope apartments. The individual must love the Lord, be teachable and have leadership skills to directContinue reading →

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