Join the Movement – Help Needy Families Through CE National on #givingtuesday

The power of social media and collaboration fuels this global day of giving called #givingtuesday. CE National has joined this large group of organizations and charities participating on November 28. #givingtuesday is celebrated on the Tuesday following Thanksgiving and the widely known shopping events Black Friday and Cyber Monday. This movement kicks off the charitableContinue reading →

Rewind Sean McDowell at Momentum Youth Conference

When Sean McDowell put on his “Atheist Glasses” to role-play a conversation with an atheist, students at Momentum Youth Conference took shots at his beliefs. But Sean shot back as he addressed questions of human origins, ethics, evil, and the nature of God. Rewind his gripping presentation to grow your confidence and learn a betterContinue reading →

Operation Barnabas Summer Ministry Teams – A One-of-a-kind Experience…

“Operation Barnabas provided a one-of- a-kind experience that the Lord used to shape me in ways that I never would have imagined.” The type of training that students receive on an Operation Barnabas tour is designed to have long-lasting impact, not just on tour but when the team members return home. Recently, Timothy Kurtaneck, DirectorContinue reading →

Ed Lewis’ Assistant, Lois Maxson, Retires After 21 Years

After 21 years at CE National working as Ed Lewis’ assistant, Lois Maxson has retired. The CE National staff took Lois to lunch on her last day, October 18. Ed Lewis says he feels like he is “cutting off his right arm” to lose Lois. Ed will feel the impact of not having her availableContinue reading →

Prayer Partners Needed for CE National!

This Church Effectiveness ministry is dependent upon the prayer of its ministry partners. God works when His people pray! Are you a part of the CE National Prayer Team? If so, thank you for standing in the gap! If not, would you please join us today? We need you! Read more…

REWIND Jim Brown from Momentum Youth Conference 2017

Pastor Jim Brown (Lead Pastor of Grace Community Church in Goshen, Indiana) challenged students at Momentum Youth Conference 2017 to come clean and quit carrying around their skeletons. Jim said, “We tend to remember what we should forget and forget what we should remember. Sin haunts us.” Rewind his powerful talk and hear how aContinue reading →

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