Give Hope to the Homeless in Indianapolis

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Why Youth Ministries Should Never Take Summers Off

A good portion of youth ministries take off and don’t meet for a few months during the summer. Other than maybe a youth camp or conference their rationale goes that they won’t have a regular sized attendance and therefore it’s not worth it to meet. If I may be so bold, this thinking is entirelyContinue reading →

Round-table For Children’s Workers

CE National is hosting a round-table discussion for Children’s Workers on March 20th at Pickerington Grace Fellowship Church in Pickerington, Ohio, from 10:00 to 3:30. This is a time to share ideas, encourage one another, and pray for children and children’s ministries.  Lunch and snacks are provided. There is no cost to participate, but space isContinue reading →

Learn How to be a World Changer at CELS Youth 2015

The world is changing at a rapid pace. Students are different each year. How can we challenge this generation to follow Christ when they are following the broad way that leads to destruction? We must be both biblically accurate AND culturally relevant.  We must lead youth to follow Jesus not the world. We need to be WORLD CHANGERS.Continue reading →

Applications are Still Being Accepted for City Life 2015 – A 15-day Summer Ministry Experience

Applications are still being accepted for City Life 2015, our 15-day summer ministry experience for high school students, for both our planned East and West Coast teams. Any high school student, including those just entering 9th grade, is eligible for City Life and welcome to apply. City Life was launched with the concept of “handsContinue reading →

Know. Be. Do. Great Insight Into Helping Students

As we interact with students, a great insight to help them start developing on their own are three simple questions: “What do I need to know?” “Who do I need to be?” “What do I need to do?” Or to make it simple: Know. Be. Do. Read more on CE National’s ON MISSION Insights ByContinue reading →

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