Individual or Couple Needed at Urban Hope

Urban Hope is looking for an individual or couple for 9 months or longer who can help with Training Center leadership. Urban Hope is growing and needs help training leaders. Housing could be provided in one of the Urban Hope apartments. The individual must love the Lord, be teachable and have leadership skills to directContinue reading →

James and Rebekah Holt Return to Urban Hope

James and Rebekah Holt have returned to the Urban Hope Training Center after spending two years in the Dominican Republic at an orphanage with Kid’s Alive Ministries. They will be interns at Urban Hope for a year beginning September 1.

A Divine Appointment with Teresa and a Double Portion

Cynthia Schnee is the youth leader from the Grace Brethren Church in Manheim, Pennsylvania. Cynthia took students from their youth group to Momentum Youth Conference. Here’s a story she posted on her Facebook page about the group’s experience on outreach. The day was July 17th, 2015. I was spending the week at Momentum Youth ConferenceContinue reading →

CE National Hosts Breakfast at Flinch Conference

CE National was pleased to sponsor a breakfast at the Flinch Conference held in Newark, New Jersey, last week. Over 135 attended the morning event and, after a wonderful meal, enjoyed listening to praise reports, updates, and future plans of CE National by Ed Lewis, Jason Holt, Ed Short, and Timothy Kurtaneck. The program includedContinue reading →

Navigating Conflict in the Church

It’s a fact of life that wherever two or three are gathered together, there will be conflict. Here are some general principles about conflict that have worked well in the congregations I’ve served. Read more…

Utilizing Personality Tests in Leadership Development

While there are a host of so-called “tests” which are floating through the internet today, claiming to be able to tell the user about his or her personality–amidst the flood of “just for fun” assessments, there are also a few helpful sites which can aid you in helping your students and or leadership team understandContinue reading →

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