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Prayer Partners

February 15, 2017

Praise/Prayer Items:

Thanks for your prayers for the TNI Youth Emphasis Week at Grace College– the chapel services were phenomenal and there were great conversations started about ministering to youth.

  1.  We are praising the Lord for the good number of quality leaders who have already committed to serve as Operation Barnabas leaders for 2017. Please pray with us as we fill the remaining leadership roles for the important responsibility of leading and equipping high school students in ministry thru Operation Barnabas.   


  1. The LIFE scholarship fund allows for Momentum to give discounted rates to churches in economically depressed areas and enables churches to bring a group to Momentum. In the three years since launching the LIFE scholarship, a number of students who would not financially have been able to go to youth conference were able to attend Momentum.  Please pray with us that we will continue to receive gifts to the LIFE scholarship fund so that more students and churches that would never be able to experience Momentum otherwise will be able to attend this year!


  1. Please pray for the continued ministry at Urban Hope Training Center—we are excited about what God is doing there in the lives of people! Also pray for the many teams from various churches and schools who come to serve and be equipped in inner-city ministry.  A group of students from Grace College, including The National Institute majors and minors, will be traveling to UHTC with Timothy Kurtaneck on February 26 to participate in a cross-cultural trip during spring break.  Please begin now to pray for their 1200+ mile round-trip journey by bus and that these students will develop an appreciation for the ministry of the inner-city.