SUM: Studies in Urban Ministries

Preparing college students for effective ministry in an urbanized world


What is Studies in Urban Ministries?

Grace College and CE National are partnering together to present a nine-month intercultural field experience internship, based in Urban Philadelphia. Real world, every day ministry becomes a student’s classroom as they journey amidst various cities throughout the northeast region throughout the program.


What makes the Studies in Urban Ministries program unique?

Working in cooperation with the Urban Hope Training Center in Kensington Philadelphia, participants of the Studies in Urban Ministries program have the unique opportunity of living, learning, and growing inside of a cross cultural environment. But it does not end there. Additional program features include:

  • Foundational roots in the belief that transformation begins with Jesus Christ. He alone changes lives and circumstances.
  • Learning happens in a variety of settings, including several host organizations throughout the northeast. Numerous day trips are scheduled to world class cities such as New York City, Washington DC, Baltimore and more.
  • Participants have the option for International Urban studies. This option allows a participant to broaden their perspective to see third world urban students, and observe various cultures’ ways of meeting social, material, and spiritual needs
  • Participants are mentored by experienced urban leaders, living in the inner city. This directional guidance empowers participants to gain skills in contact making, outreach, discipleship and teaching in a cross cultural setting.


How do I get involved?

For more information on the Studies in Urban Ministries program, please contact Grace College at 1-800-544-7223. For information on the inner city field experience, contact Urban Hope at 215-423-8047