OnTrack Devotions


Pilgrimage has partnered with CE National to produce a CE National version of OnTrack Devotions. This version has the same excellent Bible studies, plus information on CE National ministries and opportunities.

To order the CE National version, use the shopping cart below. To find out more watch Ben Wilhite and Ed Lewis talk about OnTrack Devotions.

Watch Ben Wilhite of Pilgrimage Ministries and
Ed Lewis from CE
National talk about On Track Devotions.

For the last few years CE National has had the privilege of giving
OnTrack Devotions as follow-up materials to Momentum youth conference attendees.

OnTrack Devotions, a ministry of Pilgrimage Education Resources, does
an excellent job of combining study of the Bible with personal
application. Each day, 10-15 verses of Scripture are read. Then Dr.
Dwight Peterson, a solid Bible teacher, includes comments on the Bible

The uniqueness of these devotionals is that it incorporates the
concept of inductive Bible study by asking questions of the